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  • Installing Unity 3D is confusing, what version do I need, what packages should I install?

  • All the tutorials and help online (Youtube, Forums, etc.) are generic and take too long?

  • You're looking for others to talk to in the community but it's hard to find a PROFESSIONAL game dev community?

  • There must be a FASTER way to learn Unity 3D and Game Development, are there any shortcuts or tips based on experience?

  • I want to get help without breaking the bank, is there a place I can get expert advice for a relatively low cost as I am just starting out?


We knew too many people who, like you:

  • Were spending countless hours trying to figure it all out

  • Were spending a lot of money on things they didn't need like => useless assets, useless courses, etc.

  • Were looking for a PROFESSIONAL game dev training but instead found many who simply taught game development but were not making games or actually in the industry (They were in alternate ones like MARKETING or WEB DEVELOPMENT)

  • AND WHAT'S WORSE...After all of it...They were no further than when they started!!

Introducing Academy of Games

Run by experienced game developers with real industry experience

The Academy is packed with easy-to-understand, practical training resources in short bite sized lessons that can be viewed anywhere on any device at your own pace and convenience.

It holds the keys to becoming a game industry professional FASTER!

You'll learn how to get up and running fast CORRECTLY and avoid costly mistakes along the way that could slow you down hours, days, weeks, months or even YEARS!

PLUS you will have access to our PRO ONLY RESOURCES which are not available ANYWHERE ELSE! (We know, we made them!)
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  • Save Time!

    Our years of experience and knowledge will help you fast track to success and avoid costly mistakes!

  • Save Money!

    From useful tips to save on assets to a low monthly fee that won't break the bank, Academy of Games will become a valuable service on your journey to becoming a PRO!

  • Access Pro Resources

    Made by Game Developers FOR Game Developers, we offer pro resources available no where else on the Internet (We know because WE CREATED THEM!).

What's Included?

Start today and access all PRO features and functionalities! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

  • Access All Courses - Get access to all of Academy of Games courses found on all the major learning platforms for a low monthly fee. (Currently 9 Courses, Over 360+ Minutes of Video with over 88 Lessons - Always being updated!)

  • PRO AoG Program - Access to the PRO Base Codes, additional training courses not available anywhere else and early access to courses and materials.

  • Tools and Resources - Get access to Academy of Games SECRET TOOLS and RESOURCES ONLY AVAILABLE here! Custom tools developed personally by instructors over the years to save massive time and money!

Meet The Instructors

Learn From Industry Professionals

Senior Instructor and Unity Live Help Expert

Nav Gupta

Nav Gupta is an indie video game developer and Unity Live Help Expert part of the Unity Live Help Team. He has successfully published and created over 80+ games and apps in over 10+ markets with millions of downloads and helped hundreds of developers globally and has thousands of students worldwide. He specializes in 2D/3D AR/VR Games and Apps and has worked in various industries including Video Games, Military, Education, Industrial, Healthcare and others.

Game Industry Marketing Professional

Gloria Gao

Gloria is a Game Marketing Professional from China who has been in the mobile game and digital marketing space since 2011. During those years she has had the good fortune of working as a marketing expert in some of the smartest and most well-knwon game companies in the world such as GREE Japan and Kunlun Inc. She has many years of entrepreneurial experience specialized in Overall Marketing Strategy including social media marketing on a brand new market. She is well versed with the Chinese market and has worked with clients and partners globally from all around the world including Japan, UAE, Egypt, Spain, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam etc.

Game Music and Audio Pro Instructor

George Kallika

George Kallika is an multi award winning music composer and writer, producing and recording music for over 15 years. Jazz and Classically trained at the South Australian Conservatorium of Music, he began writing scores for professional theatre, producing local artists, and international computer game companies. He has worked in Broadcast Media / Advertising, TV and Short Film work and has established his second creative audio post production facility, sonicARCADE, adding voice over production and direction, sound design and foley recording.


$19.99 USD / month
  • Instant access to all 9+ courses, 88+ videos: cutting edge game dev training
  • Access to all PRO ONLY Resources not available anywhere else
  • Get access to Academy of Games Base Codes and PRO AoG Programs and Trainings
  • This is a subscription and you will be charged every month until you cancel. CANCEL ANY TIME. Hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Answers to Help You Out

  • How much does this cost?

    Currently we are offering Academy of Games monthly membership for just $19.99 USD/month. Simply hit the Subscribe button above to get access to join or click here => SUBSCRIBE NOW

  • Why should I join your program compared to Free training online?

    Firstly, to get access to Nav or many of our instructors for Live 1:1 sessions costs $300 USD/hour. This program is an opportunity to get those years of experience for a fraction of the cost. Next, many of our instructors including Nav have had years of experience actually making and shipping games or working in real game dev studios. The experience provided can help save a massive amount of time and money and much of the training and advice is not generally available online and is based on the personal real life experiences of the instructors.

  • Can I cancel?

    Absolutely! It is a month to month subscription and courses and resources are being added all the time to provide massive value. At the same time if you feel at any time you no longer wish to continue you can cancel your subscription and still have access to the end of the month of paid subscription.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    We do not offer refunds, but you can cancel at anytime and have access to the end of your paid subscription.